An Improbable Race Tale

The Nicolet Nor-ski started back at the start of the heyday of skiing in the US, in 1981. Skating was just getting underway and all races were “classic” as we think of them today.  The course was a 30k route through the woods on narrow tracks quite unlike the Pisten Bully groomed trails of today. Skis were heavier and slower and much harder to control with extremely soft boots and sloppy bindings compared to the highly specialized wonders we have today.  Skiers had to have some real determination to finish a race.

The race that day was won by Wausau’s Greg Kresse and Green Bay’s Carrie Kelm. We have not been able to find much in the way of historical records from the day, but for the Nor-ski it was the start of 15 years of racing that included a pursuit style, two day championship before Badger State Games came along and the pole shifted to Wausau. The Nor-ski was last run in 2004, plagued by a variety of factors of which changing snow conditions was just one part.

Today, the Nor-ski is reborn. Without a doubt, one of the most unusual and fascinating tales to come out of the reborn race is the winners of the classic division race for 2013.

Greg and Carrie Kelm, 32 years after their first win in the inaugural race, won again in 2013. They won with impressive times: 2:15 for Greg and 2:39 for Carrie. Those times would have put them in the middle of the pack against all ages in the freestyle race. Even more impressive is that Greg is now skiing in 60+ age division and Carrie in the 50-59 division.

We cannot think of any stories quite like this in all the races we have been involved with! Congratulations Greg and Carrie.

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  1. Phil mahoney

    ……Great story and great races for Greg and Carrie, 2 skiers who love the sport and are committed to keep at it for the long haul !!
    Phil Mahoney

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